Running A Marketing Campaign For eBook

Running an e-Book marketing campaign is no gimmick, nor a fad. It’s simply the smarter way to sell. What separates unheard authors who scuffle selling his write-ups and best-selling writers? Certainly not the writing talent, nor the expensive dollar marketing campaigns, it is no out-of-reach secret either.

Strong eBook sales arise from factors a marketing campaign which lets authors make good money out of the things they write without selling it and persuade people to purchase a copy. The idea is to let the eBook sell itself, and rather than making you do all the sales pitches.

Many eBook writers online today don’t make money from their write ups because of doing the sales cycle moving backwards. The old-school sales campaign of getting people to your place (your website’s sales page) and persuade them about how awesome the eBook is, and that they need to buy it is simply “cold start.”

Put yourself in the shoes of your target market; is it how you want people to sell stuff on you? Do you make good and poised buying decisions from that strategy? People don’t have to be “sold” for the write-ups of their favorite authors, artists, or movie stars just to buy their albums, read their books or watch their films, right? Most of us walk straight up, give them our money and enjoy the product that we want, this is because the past experience we’ve had with the product and its “artist” or author was so enjoyable and totally gave us our money’s worth. This is what we call being “pre-sold” which is what makes the decision to buy almost a spontaneous one, which in most cases, goes over and over again.

The idea is to get the similar profitable situation to work for you – as an author publishing works online, you need your eBooks to sell itself for you, simply because you wrote that book. To make things happen is through marketing campaign, a strategy used by successful eBook writers to make real money week after week, without spending good amount of money from advertisements or getting into any dubious sales pitches.

With a good marketing campaign you can put yourself and your product where the money is, build your loyal fans who can help you spread the word, and get hold of your fan’s emails who can’t wait to get your new eBook. All these things can make sales go through the roof.

With a good e-Book marketing campaign, you’ll be able to build a smart relationship with your loyal fan base that grows bigger each month who’ll be more than willing to buy the things you write.

The eBook Marketing Strategy

Doing an eBook marketing campaign is not a gimmick, nor a fad. It’s the smartest way to sell, and it’s what separates best-selling eBook writers from unheard authors. You may wonder how some authors out there earn thousands of dollars each month from their write-ups, well to tell you honestly, it’s not rocket science.

A strong eBook marketing campaign allow authors to make good money out of their write ups without forcing people to buy a copy. The idea of eBook marketing is to let the eBook sell itself, rather than the other way around. Many online authors struggle to earn a dime for their write-ups simply because of doing the cycle backwards. The traditional “sales pitch” strategy may have worked wonders to some writers a couple of decades ago, but with the technology we have today, and the kind of readers we write for, sales pitch no longer works,

Different Type Require Different Strategy
Though eBooks are in the same format (ePub or Kindle), not all types of eBooks require the same strategy. Fiction and Non-fiction for example are very different, thus, different marketing approach are needed to get the eBooks to the hands of its target readers.

In fiction books of course, you need to have a very good voice, a good grasp of your language, and creative mind to be able to write stories that will stir the interest of your readers. In non-fiction on the other hand, you need to solve problems, answer your target reader’s questions, etc. You can do a lot of SEO in non-fiction, while fictions eBooks are more difficult to sell, unless you managed to get good reviews.

Author Website for Your eBooks
If you want a thriving career on writing eBooks, then investing for an author website is a must. You can display all your works in your website and things that might interest your readers, such as exclusive content, bonuses, and more info about you and what you do. A website is also a wonderful place where your readers and fans can raise questions for you to answer, building a smart relationship in the long run.

eBook Stores and Book Review Sites
There are so many eBook stores out there that provide book reviews for consumers. Goodreads is probably the most popular right now, as it accommodates nearly 14 million unique visitors every month. That’s quite a big market to publicize your book.

Social Media for eBook Launching
Web 2.0 certainly paved the road for people from all corners of the world to connect. As of July of 2012, Facebook bloomed into 955 million active users. Twitter on the other hand; hit the 500 million mark, while Pinterest is catching up with the two giants of social media. With this vast number of people, social media can be your best friend in spreading the word of mouth about your book. Also, having an operational Facebook fan page, a good number of followers in Twitter, and good-looking images and information to pin in Pinterest is the most cost-effective way to launch your work/s to millions of people.

Unique Ways For eBook Marketing

After months, if not years of writing your masterpiece, which is you eBook, the next thing you need think of is how to get it into the hands of the readers/ It’s not as easy as calling your local newspaper and pay for an ad for their Sunday issue. Your task is to know where your target audience and let your eBook sell itself. This is where the benefit of eBook marketing comes into the picture.

As someone who’s new in online writer, digital copies of your write-ups is enough reason for you to have for an eBook marketing strategy that focuses on the Internet as its primary medium.

Email solicitations would be one of the many things you’ll encounter in eBook marketing. You should know that this is one of the most lucrative techniques Internet marketers used today. But unfortunately, this thing leads into terrible reputation, as people regard unrequested solicitations as spam, and people don’t read spammy messages. Some emails even automatically delete them.

Though there are really no hard and fast rules in eBook marketing, there is what we call the “basics” which can help promote eBook sales more effectively. Here are some unique strategies for marketing your works:

Little Used of Little Known Niches for Promotion
In a fierce competition, being unique will eventually pay off. When doing eBook marketing, making use of little used or little known niches do drive traffic using your eBooks is one of the unusual ways to get profits and publicity of your product. Obviously, it may take time, but you will reap its benefits in the long run as you’ll have more traffic.

Make Use of Expired Web Domains
If you think you can afford it, then search for an expired web domain with your eBook name in it and purchase the web domain. This unusual way of eBook marketing can be expensive at first, but will undeniably pay you dividends in the long run and help you bring traffic of people looking for your eBook.

Use Google AdSense or AdWords
Google AdSense or Adwords is one way to promote your eBook and get it into the top ranks. These two tools from Google are highly cost-effective, and campaigning with it can help make your eBook sell itself, rather than the other way around.

Opt-In Mailing Lists
If you have an author site, then you can make good use of it by making an opt-in mailing list and send your readers and loyal fans newsletters and exclusive content. Fans love bonuses and updates of the things they love, and this can be a great way to start building a relationship with them. Also, an opt-in mailing list will ensure you’re not a spammer. Thus, people will actually click on your email and read.

Opt-in emailing list remain to be one of the easiest ways to pass the word of mouth and promote your eBook. However, you need to make sure your email contain valuable information that interest readers to your eBook.

Using Social Media For e-Book Launching

If you’re planning to launch your eBook and make good money out of it, then social media is your friend. Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, and Pinterest profiles can help you spread the word organically. Here are some few tips you can’t afford to miss on launching an eBook:

Have a pre-launch discount
People love discounts, that’s a fact of life. Offering pre-launch discount in your email list will only excite your avid readers and followers. Having more people sign up for your pre-launch is also a good way to build relationship and entice your readers with the good things to come. This can be an app in your Facebook fanpage or as simple as links that redirects visitors to the sign up page in your website.

Send some bonus for buyers
Sweeten the pot for your avid readers by giving them bonuses when they purchase your product. Some exclusive content is enough to make them happy. Also, sending out some “thank yous” will make them feel you care about them buying your product.

You can also arrange some deals with other authors to complement your products (if your eBook and topics are related), and sell other ebook as an affiliate and find out how you can your affiliate share to your buyers.

If you’re product is about a guide into something, then you can include exclusives or bonus contents, along with coaching for readers who want to embark on the career you’re in, so you can help them get the most of your product with the knowledge you share.

Hire someone who can help
You may think you can have everything to be just so and prefer to do things yourself, but this can be impossible, especially if you’re starting in a business that fluctuates and you’re at the center of the flow. Send them some of the tasks you can’t handle and learn how to effectively outsource. This will help you a lot in the future as you grow your business.

Get a professionally designed cover
It’s true that you should judge a book by its cover, however, it is an undeniable fact that those books with pretty covers sell better than with poor ones. The cover of your eBook is where buyers make their first impressions, thus make sure your cover complements with the content inside and interest your target market.

Keep track of everything through Excel Spreadsheet
A spreadsheet will help you keep track of everything, from sending your newsletter list, pitch for guest posts, Q&As, etc. An effective eBook launch is an organized launch, which brings things all together, naturally.

Social media platforms such as Facebook fanpage, Twitter, and Pinterest, are just three of the many social media sites where you can launch your eBook. These things may be for free, but to be successful, a little help from the professional social media marketers can go along way.

3 Best Sites To Promote Your eBook

Unless your name simply happens to be J.K. Rowling, and you happen to write amazing fantasy books, you obviously some eBook marketing strategies planned out to earn from your write-ups.

The internet and web 2.0 paved the road for people with day jobs, housewives, life coaches, day traders, and children’s accessory designers to make a living with their computers, in every market you can imagine. And the market is just starting to rise.

However, it is important to note that these people didn’t simply become successful authors for their talent on writing. In eBook marketing, the more sites you’re on, the more chances of sales. And if you want to sell eBook, you need to be heard, and this is what this entry will talk about. Here are the three best sites to promote your eBook:

For as little as $67, they can help you share your Kindle eBook to interested readers in your genre. You will get reviews on Amazon for it in return. Now before you disregard this option, it is important to note that this site does NOT offer a ‘pay-for-a-biased-review’ service. Readers/ reviewers here are unbiased. They provide interested readers with a balanced and honest-to-goodness review, which is simply awesome.

With nearly 14 million unique visitors each month, this site is the most popular site for both booklovers and eBook lovers.
If you consider yourself an enterprising author, then you can take advantage of their “self-service advertising” and promote your eBook to sites where they belong (based on factors such as genre, gender and location, and reader’s age). With this, you’ll be sure you reach to your target audience.

To start with Goodreads, you need to have a profile. This will let you review books, post info about yourself, and add friends in their platform. You can also add the list of your favorite books, authors, state your other interests, and upload a profile photo to give people a better picture of you.

Book Reviewer List
This site is a haven for book reviewers. And though this site represents most book genres, there’s a slight tile for fiction books.

Furthermore, this site features a separate section for eBooks on Kindle. However, you may find out that those eBook reviewers who are not listed on the Kindle list also review some Kindle books. With this, you should take some time to go through and get to know the site well and find out which fits your genre.

How to Make A Good Author Website

Why You Need An Author Website For Your eBooks
Author website is a very important factor for anyone’s writing career. A website is where people visit to find more things to read, and as an author, you need to capitalize on this to put more information about your products, a place where you put all the good stuff.

An author website allows you to advertise things about your books as much as you want, excite readers with teasers, entice them with exclusive content, and build a good relationship with your loyal fans and leave a good relationship. Also, if there’s a blogger/book reviewer out there who likes your eBooks, they’ll most likely visit your site and red more things about you, not to mention they can help pass the word of mouth by featuring your works in his or her blog.

Not having a place where people can contact you such as a website is one of the easiest ways to frustrate your readers. While having a professional-looking and snappy site can spell the difference of selling and making good money and not selling at all.

What An Author Website Looks Like
Here are some pretty basic things your site needs to have to make it more appealing to your target readers and fans:

Easy To Navigate
This is a no-brainer. Having a website that loads fast and easy to navigate is a must. You want to give your site visitors what they want the second they get into your website. Information about your book should be all well organized. Tabs should be clickable to lead them from one page to another. You should include a site map to keep your visitors from getting lost inside your site.

Keep it Consistent
Maintain a sense of consistency in your author website, from style, up to your contents, and its navigation to give a good impression.

Having a website that looks professional doesn’t mean you need to hire a professional to do the job for you. Well, if you have the budget, then you can opt for professional services. However, as someone who’s trying to sell and earn online from eBooks, you need to be cost-effective, and learning the basics of creating a website can be good enough when starting out. Make your website look polished and contents free of grammatical errors. Research on how to make a professional-looking website. Remember, author site is where people refer to you and your works, it shouldn’t look like a homemade project.

Some information your author site needs to have is the “About Me” page, where you write who you are and why you’re into writing, etc. This is the page where your visitors will get to know you more.

A Books/Works page will help you highlight your works and make it easier for your visitors to purchase it online. You can also include things that will entice your visitors and loyal fans such as exclusive content, freebies, etc. This page can make things more interesting about your site.

Contact info page is one of the most basic reasons why people will visit your website. Some readers want to contact authors directly for questions and inquiries about anything that concerns the book. Putt he links of your Facebook, and Twitter so they can follow you online. You can also set a message board where visitors can ask you questions directly on your author website.

Different Strategies For Marketing Fiction and Non-fiction eBooks

Aside from facilitating library sales and pursuing speaking engagements, an eBook promotion, or simply known as eBook marketing, obviously needs the help of social media channels and industry associations for it to be successful. Social media is probably the most cost-effective way to promote an eBook offering, as readers and fans will surely love to communicate with the authors they like, share opinions, ask questions and build a relationship with.

Both fiction and non-fiction eBooks however, require different eBook marketing strategy for it to reach its target audience and sell better. Here are the basic ways to promote fiction and non-fiction eBooks.

For fiction

Offer Your Story at a Low Price
As a first-time book writer, few people online know who you are, and how good your stories are. As much as we all want to earn through our eBooks, no one online will purchase something he or she doesn’t know where it came from.

You may not make as much money as you want at first, but you will certainly have readers who will prove an honest-to-goodness review of your book, which is very important. When you have some few good reviews from unbiased book readers/reviewers, that can be a good time to raise your price. Obviously, readers looking for fiction eBook online opt for products with good reviews.

Send out free copies for close friends who love to read
Giving your friends, family members, and even relatives some free copies of your ebook can help you on the word of mouth, as they can easily recommend your book to their friends, and so on. That would be a domino effect, increasing your book’s exposure, and ultimately – sales.

Build Up Your Backlist
Sometimes, the best eBook marketing tool is your eBook. If readers like your book, they’ll certainly wait for the next one.

Review Other Author’s Books
Choose a book on the same genre as yours and ask the author to help you promote your unbiased and honest review. Furthermore, those books that are related to your book in many ways can be good subjects for review. If the author likes your review, he or she can also review your book.

For non-fiction
eBook marketing for non-fiction is a little different. Your readers obviously need you to help them out on specific topics, or problem. Thus, you need to provide good information that will answer their questions and concerns.

Write for a niche topic with an expanding and growing market following.

Write for your audience, address the specific purpose of the book and deliver on its promise. Tell them you have what they’re looking for and that you can solve their problems with your eBook.

Make your eBook available in top eBook stores online. Improve your SEO by getting specific keywords to reach your target audience.

Convert prospect readers into buyers by making a platform for your eBook sales.

Enumerate the major benefits people will get after purchasing your work, and make sure you back up all those promises.

And last but certainly not the least, establish yourself as an expert in your niche topic, and that your ways are different from others, because you deliver results.

EBook Marketing Guide: What Striving Authors Needs To Know

EBook marketing has significantly developed over the past decade. Authors are spending less money on for their marketing, and usually save their bells and whistles for the biggest books of the year, as most authors nowadays prefer blog tours than book tours.

Obviously, authors nowadays make digital copies of their books and focus much of their marketing efforts on the internet for e-readers, which is quite a bigger market.

Authors understand how major publisher contracts can no longer guarantee extensive marketing support for their books, thus, they’re making use of any and every guerrilla marketing campaign they can make use of to get their products to their target readers. With this system, authors are getting rights back to eBook and publish them with great success.

One of New York Times best-selling authors, Joni Rodgers, published her new novel ‘The Hurricane Lover’ as an independent eBook, and said that the biggest challenge is on setting apart of the ‘fictional stories’ from the real numbers, and how people talk about the magic of social networking can catapult the eBook to its readers, where the truth is most authors spend a lot of money on marketing.

What is more thrilling is that, with eBooks, authors are no longer constrained by launch windows and shelf space, “We can mobilize trend-based marketing at the moment people are talking about the topic of the book instead of stirring the same old soup pots that try to target ‘readers’ — as if that’s some homogeneous entity. Every book club I’ve ever visited was made up of individuals who think for themselves,” Rodgers continues.

So if you’re striving author who wants to shoot for success for your eBooks, here’s what you’ve got to do:

Spend Your Money Wisely, Polish Your Product

There are countless of ways to spend your money, but before you spend a dollar for anything, ask yourself this – “is it worth it?” Have a reality check, and don’t lie to yourself. Do you even remember the last time you clicked an ad in any web page? Do people actually buy products that way? If you don’t do it, then most often than not, most people, including your potential audience, won’t do it too. It would be better to save your money on editing and making a great cover for your eBook. As always, a well-polished product is your biggest marketing tool.

Make use of word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is one of the best tested-and-proven drivers for book sales, and that hasn’t changed even in digital version. People, especially avid book readers, are talking about the books they’ve read and share their comments and insights through chat rooms and in popular book-specific communities (Goodreads, Bookroster, and Book Review List are three of the most popular book communities in the internet today). The idea here is to make your book a topic for good conversation to generate interest and gather helpful comments and reviews.

Blogs and Book Review Sites

Book bloggers and book review sites work the same as word-of-moth, as their comment sections and forums can offer a great place for building buzz, which will get people’s interest on the books being talked about. Crime Fiction, romance, and other genre title, have their own dedicated sites and readers. Giving out copies of your eBooks to known and reputable reviewers or sending out excerpts on one of those sites for wider audience can give a good boost to the popularity of your book.

Take Advantage of Social Networks

Social media can be a windfall too, but it should be well-balanced. Many striving authors seem to forget about the “social” in social networking, flooding news feeds with sales pitch and marketing schemes. You need to build relationships with your fellow authors and readers, engage into conversations, and entertain questions to be part of the community. Flood forums on how great your eBook and you run the risk of being labeled as a spammer and get banned straight out.

The Actual Selling Part

Once you’re done with your eBook, including the final edit and great cover, look at similar books in the market and how they’re pitching, especially with their prices, and adjust accordingly. Cheaper products obviously get more interest and buyers. You can also give away free copies as prizes and giveaways on reader’s sites, and send free copies to good and popular book reviewers – basically the same strategy authors and publishers do with a print book.

The battleground for book marketing has really changed, and it paved the road for ebooks for both established authors and striving ones. While the marketing strategies for print books and eBooks are quite different nowadays, both still rely on one factor: work and luck. So make sure you’re ready to offer the best possible product, especially when luck strikes.