3 Best Sites To Promote Your eBook

Unless your name simply happens to be J.K. Rowling, and you happen to write amazing fantasy books, you obviously some eBook marketing strategies planned out to earn from your write-ups.

The internet and web 2.0 paved the road for people with day jobs, housewives, life coaches, day traders, and children’s accessory designers to make a living with their computers, in every market you can imagine. And the market is just starting to rise.

However, it is important to note that these people didn’t simply become successful authors for their talent on writing. In eBook marketing, the more sites you’re on, the more chances of sales. And if you want to sell eBook, you need to be heard, and this is what this entry will talk about. Here are the three best sites to promote your eBook:

For as little as $67, they can help you share your Kindle eBook to interested readers in your genre. You will get reviews on Amazon for it in return. Now before you disregard this option, it is important to note that this site does NOT offer a ‘pay-for-a-biased-review’ service. Readers/ reviewers here are unbiased. They provide interested readers with a balanced and honest-to-goodness review, which is simply awesome.

With nearly 14 million unique visitors each month, this site is the most popular site for both booklovers and eBook lovers.
If you consider yourself an enterprising author, then you can take advantage of their “self-service advertising” and promote your eBook to sites where they belong (based on factors such as genre, gender and location, and reader’s age). With this, you’ll be sure you reach to your target audience.

To start with Goodreads, you need to have a profile. This will let you review books, post info about yourself, and add friends in their platform. You can also add the list of your favorite books, authors, state your other interests, and upload a profile photo to give people a better picture of you.

Book Reviewer List
This site is a haven for book reviewers. And though this site represents most book genres, there’s a slight tile for fiction books.

Furthermore, this site features a separate section for eBooks on Kindle. However, you may find out that those eBook reviewers who are not listed on the Kindle list also review some Kindle books. With this, you should take some time to go through and get to know the site well and find out which fits your genre.