Different Strategies For Marketing Fiction and Non-fiction eBooks

Aside from facilitating library sales and pursuing speaking engagements, an eBook promotion, or simply known as eBook marketing, obviously needs the help of social media channels and industry associations for it to be successful. Social media is probably the most cost-effective way to promote an eBook offering, as readers and fans will surely love to communicate with the authors they like, share opinions, ask questions and build a relationship with.

Both fiction and non-fiction eBooks however, require different eBook marketing strategy for it to reach its target audience and sell better. Here are the basic ways to promote fiction and non-fiction eBooks.

For fiction

Offer Your Story at a Low Price
As a first-time book writer, few people online know who you are, and how good your stories are. As much as we all want to earn through our eBooks, no one online will purchase something he or she doesn’t know where it came from.

You may not make as much money as you want at first, but you will certainly have readers who will prove an honest-to-goodness review of your book, which is very important. When you have some few good reviews from unbiased book readers/reviewers, that can be a good time to raise your price. Obviously, readers looking for fiction eBook online opt for products with good reviews.

Send out free copies for close friends who love to read
Giving your friends, family members, and even relatives some free copies of your ebook can help you on the word of mouth, as they can easily recommend your book to their friends, and so on. That would be a domino effect, increasing your book’s exposure, and ultimately – sales.

Build Up Your Backlist
Sometimes, the best eBook marketing tool is your eBook. If readers like your book, they’ll certainly wait for the next one.

Review Other Author’s Books
Choose a book on the same genre as yours and ask the author to help you promote your unbiased and honest review. Furthermore, those books that are related to your book in many ways can be good subjects for review. If the author likes your review, he or she can also review your book.

For non-fiction
eBook marketing for non-fiction is a little different. Your readers obviously need you to help them out on specific topics, or problem. Thus, you need to provide good information that will answer their questions and concerns.

Write for a niche topic with an expanding and growing market following.

Write for your audience, address the specific purpose of the book and deliver on its promise. Tell them you have what they’re looking for and that you can solve their problems with your eBook.

Make your eBook available in top eBook stores online. Improve your SEO by getting specific keywords to reach your target audience.

Convert prospect readers into buyers by making a platform for your eBook sales.

Enumerate the major benefits people will get after purchasing your work, and make sure you back up all those promises.

And last but certainly not the least, establish yourself as an expert in your niche topic, and that your ways are different from others, because you deliver results.