EBook Marketing Guide: What Striving Authors Needs To Know

EBook marketing has significantly developed over the past decade. Authors are spending less money on for their marketing, and usually save their bells and whistles for the biggest books of the year, as most authors nowadays prefer blog tours than book tours.

Obviously, authors nowadays make digital copies of their books and focus much of their marketing efforts on the internet for e-readers, which is quite a bigger market.

Authors understand how major publisher contracts can no longer guarantee extensive marketing support for their books, thus, they’re making use of any and every guerrilla marketing campaign they can make use of to get their products to their target readers. With this system, authors are getting rights back to eBook and publish them with great success.

One of New York Times best-selling authors, Joni Rodgers, published her new novel ‘The Hurricane Lover’ as an independent eBook, and said that the biggest challenge is on setting apart of the ‘fictional stories’ from the real numbers, and how people talk about the magic of social networking can catapult the eBook to its readers, where the truth is most authors spend a lot of money on marketing.

What is more thrilling is that, with eBooks, authors are no longer constrained by launch windows and shelf space, “We can mobilize trend-based marketing at the moment people are talking about the topic of the book instead of stirring the same old soup pots that try to target ‘readers’ — as if that’s some homogeneous entity. Every book club I’ve ever visited was made up of individuals who think for themselves,” Rodgers continues.

So if you’re striving author who wants to shoot for success for your eBooks, here’s what you’ve got to do:

Spend Your Money Wisely, Polish Your Product

There are countless of ways to spend your money, but before you spend a dollar for anything, ask yourself this – “is it worth it?” Have a reality check, and don’t lie to yourself. Do you even remember the last time you clicked an ad in any web page? Do people actually buy products that way? If you don’t do it, then most often than not, most people, including your potential audience, won’t do it too. It would be better to save your money on editing and making a great cover for your eBook. As always, a well-polished product is your biggest marketing tool.

Make use of word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is one of the best tested-and-proven drivers for book sales, and that hasn’t changed even in digital version. People, especially avid book readers, are talking about the books they’ve read and share their comments and insights through chat rooms and in popular book-specific communities (Goodreads, Bookroster, and Book Review List are three of the most popular book communities in the internet today). The idea here is to make your book a topic for good conversation to generate interest and gather helpful comments and reviews.

Blogs and Book Review Sites

Book bloggers and book review sites work the same as word-of-moth, as their comment sections and forums can offer a great place for building buzz, which will get people’s interest on the books being talked about. Crime Fiction, romance, and other genre title, have their own dedicated sites and readers. Giving out copies of your eBooks to known and reputable reviewers or sending out excerpts on one of those sites for wider audience can give a good boost to the popularity of your book.

Take Advantage of Social Networks

Social media can be a windfall too, but it should be well-balanced. Many striving authors seem to forget about the “social” in social networking, flooding news feeds with sales pitch and marketing schemes. You need to build relationships with your fellow authors and readers, engage into conversations, and entertain questions to be part of the community. Flood forums on how great your eBook and you run the risk of being labeled as a spammer and get banned straight out.

The Actual Selling Part

Once you’re done with your eBook, including the final edit and great cover, look at similar books in the market and how they’re pitching, especially with their prices, and adjust accordingly. Cheaper products obviously get more interest and buyers. You can also give away free copies as prizes and giveaways on reader’s sites, and send free copies to good and popular book reviewers – basically the same strategy authors and publishers do with a print book.

The battleground for book marketing has really changed, and it paved the road for ebooks for both established authors and striving ones. While the marketing strategies for print books and eBooks are quite different nowadays, both still rely on one factor: work and luck. So make sure you’re ready to offer the best possible product, especially when luck strikes.