How to Make A Good Author Website

Why You Need An Author Website For Your eBooks
Author website is a very important factor for anyone’s writing career. A website is where people visit to find more things to read, and as an author, you need to capitalize on this to put more information about your products, a place where you put all the good stuff.

An author website allows you to advertise things about your books as much as you want, excite readers with teasers, entice them with exclusive content, and build a good relationship with your loyal fans and leave a good relationship. Also, if there’s a blogger/book reviewer out there who likes your eBooks, they’ll most likely visit your site and red more things about you, not to mention they can help pass the word of mouth by featuring your works in his or her blog.

Not having a place where people can contact you such as a website is one of the easiest ways to frustrate your readers. While having a professional-looking and snappy site can spell the difference of selling and making good money and not selling at all.

What An Author Website Looks Like
Here are some pretty basic things your site needs to have to make it more appealing to your target readers and fans:

Easy To Navigate
This is a no-brainer. Having a website that loads fast and easy to navigate is a must. You want to give your site visitors what they want the second they get into your website. Information about your book should be all well organized. Tabs should be clickable to lead them from one page to another. You should include a site map to keep your visitors from getting lost inside your site.

Keep it Consistent
Maintain a sense of consistency in your author website, from style, up to your contents, and its navigation to give a good impression.

Having a website that looks professional doesn’t mean you need to hire a professional to do the job for you. Well, if you have the budget, then you can opt for professional services. However, as someone who’s trying to sell and earn online from eBooks, you need to be cost-effective, and learning the basics of creating a website can be good enough when starting out. Make your website look polished and contents free of grammatical errors. Research on how to make a professional-looking website. Remember, author site is where people refer to you and your works, it shouldn’t look like a homemade project.

Some information your author site needs to have is the “About Me” page, where you write who you are and why you’re into writing, etc. This is the page where your visitors will get to know you more.

A Books/Works page will help you highlight your works and make it easier for your visitors to purchase it online. You can also include things that will entice your visitors and loyal fans such as exclusive content, freebies, etc. This page can make things more interesting about your site.

Contact info page is one of the most basic reasons why people will visit your website. Some readers want to contact authors directly for questions and inquiries about anything that concerns the book. Putt he links of your Facebook, and Twitter so they can follow you online. You can also set a message board where visitors can ask you questions directly on your author website.