Running A Marketing Campaign For eBook

Running an e-Book marketing campaign is no gimmick, nor a fad. It’s simply the smarter way to sell. What separates unheard authors who scuffle selling his write-ups and best-selling writers? Certainly not the writing talent, nor the expensive dollar marketing campaigns, it is no out-of-reach secret either.

Strong eBook sales arise from factors a marketing campaign which lets authors make good money out of the things they write without selling it and persuade people to purchase a copy. The idea is to let the eBook sell itself, and rather than making you do all the sales pitches.

Many eBook writers online today don’t make money from their write ups because of doing the sales cycle moving backwards. The old-school sales campaign of getting people to your place (your website’s sales page) and persuade them about how awesome the eBook is, and that they need to buy it is simply “cold start.”

Put yourself in the shoes of your target market; is it how you want people to sell stuff on you? Do you make good and poised buying decisions from that strategy? People don’t have to be “sold” for the write-ups of their favorite authors, artists, or movie stars just to buy their albums, read their books or watch their films, right? Most of us walk straight up, give them our money and enjoy the product that we want, this is because the past experience we’ve had with the product and its “artist” or author was so enjoyable and totally gave us our money’s worth. This is what we call being “pre-sold” which is what makes the decision to buy almost a spontaneous one, which in most cases, goes over and over again.

The idea is to get the similar profitable situation to work for you – as an author publishing works online, you need your eBooks to sell itself for you, simply because you wrote that book. To make things happen is through marketing campaign, a strategy used by successful eBook writers to make real money week after week, without spending good amount of money from advertisements or getting into any dubious sales pitches.

With a good marketing campaign you can put yourself and your product where the money is, build your loyal fans who can help you spread the word, and get hold of your fan’s emails who can’t wait to get your new eBook. All these things can make sales go through the roof.

With a good e-Book marketing campaign, you’ll be able to build a smart relationship with your loyal fan base that grows bigger each month who’ll be more than willing to buy the things you write.