The eBook Marketing Strategy

Doing an eBook marketing campaign is not a gimmick, nor a fad. It’s the smartest way to sell, and it’s what separates best-selling eBook writers from unheard authors. You may wonder how some authors out there earn thousands of dollars each month from their write-ups, well to tell you honestly, it’s not rocket science.

A strong eBook marketing campaign allow authors to make good money out of their write ups without forcing people to buy a copy. The idea of eBook marketing is to let the eBook sell itself, rather than the other way around. Many online authors struggle to earn a dime for their write-ups simply because of doing the cycle backwards. The traditional “sales pitch” strategy may have worked wonders to some writers a couple of decades ago, but with the technology we have today, and the kind of readers we write for, sales pitch no longer works,

Different Type Require Different Strategy
Though eBooks are in the same format (ePub or Kindle), not all types of eBooks require the same strategy. Fiction and Non-fiction for example are very different, thus, different marketing approach are needed to get the eBooks to the hands of its target readers.

In fiction books of course, you need to have a very good voice, a good grasp of your language, and creative mind to be able to write stories that will stir the interest of your readers. In non-fiction on the other hand, you need to solve problems, answer your target reader’s questions, etc. You can do a lot of SEO in non-fiction, while fictions eBooks are more difficult to sell, unless you managed to get good reviews.

Author Website for Your eBooks
If you want a thriving career on writing eBooks, then investing for an author website is a must. You can display all your works in your website and things that might interest your readers, such as exclusive content, bonuses, and more info about you and what you do. A website is also a wonderful place where your readers and fans can raise questions for you to answer, building a smart relationship in the long run.

eBook Stores and Book Review Sites
There are so many eBook stores out there that provide book reviews for consumers. Goodreads is probably the most popular right now, as it accommodates nearly 14 million unique visitors every month. That’s quite a big market to publicize your book.

Social Media for eBook Launching
Web 2.0 certainly paved the road for people from all corners of the world to connect. As of July of 2012, Facebook bloomed into 955 million active users. Twitter on the other hand; hit the 500 million mark, while Pinterest is catching up with the two giants of social media. With this vast number of people, social media can be your best friend in spreading the word of mouth about your book. Also, having an operational Facebook fan page, a good number of followers in Twitter, and good-looking images and information to pin in Pinterest is the most cost-effective way to launch your work/s to millions of people.