Using Social Media For e-Book Launching

If you’re planning to launch your eBook and make good money out of it, then social media is your friend. Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, and Pinterest profiles can help you spread the word organically. Here are some few tips you can’t afford to miss on launching an eBook:

Have a pre-launch discount
People love discounts, that’s a fact of life. Offering pre-launch discount in your email list will only excite your avid readers and followers. Having more people sign up for your pre-launch is also a good way to build relationship and entice your readers with the good things to come. This can be an app in your Facebook fanpage or as simple as links that redirects visitors to the sign up page in your website.

Send some bonus for buyers
Sweeten the pot for your avid readers by giving them bonuses when they purchase your product. Some exclusive content is enough to make them happy. Also, sending out some “thank yous” will make them feel you care about them buying your product.

You can also arrange some deals with other authors to complement your products (if your eBook and topics are related), and sell other ebook as an affiliate and find out how you can your affiliate share to your buyers.

If you’re product is about a guide into something, then you can include exclusives or bonus contents, along with coaching for readers who want to embark on the career you’re in, so you can help them get the most of your product with the knowledge you share.

Hire someone who can help
You may think you can have everything to be just so and prefer to do things yourself, but this can be impossible, especially if you’re starting in a business that fluctuates and you’re at the center of the flow. Send them some of the tasks you can’t handle and learn how to effectively outsource. This will help you a lot in the future as you grow your business.

Get a professionally designed cover
It’s true that you should judge a book by its cover, however, it is an undeniable fact that those books with pretty covers sell better than with poor ones. The cover of your eBook is where buyers make their first impressions, thus make sure your cover complements with the content inside and interest your target market.

Keep track of everything through Excel Spreadsheet
A spreadsheet will help you keep track of everything, from sending your newsletter list, pitch for guest posts, Q&As, etc. An effective eBook launch is an organized launch, which brings things all together, naturally.

Social media platforms such as Facebook fanpage, Twitter, and Pinterest, are just three of the many social media sites where you can launch your eBook. These things may be for free, but to be successful, a little help from the professional social media marketers can go along way.